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We can do something great together. Let’s be enthusiastic about it.
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In search of the Metrics that Matters?
You Need a Digital Marketing Advisor!

According to a study by the Think With Google team, 81% of the users use both their smartphone and TV simultaneously

This data requires particular attention towards all the off-line marketing strategies. It is recommendable not to underestimate the signs that – holistically – lead us to understand that the “on” and “off” sides of this world are actually the same! Being a consultant means to understand how to make profits by analyzing each “touchpoint” and by defining the goals and – of course – the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) useful to get the major ROAS possible.

Unfortunately, this approach is not the only one used frequently. A lot of people still consider the old metrics coming from old-school thinking. Visits, but not rebounds. Clicks, but not conversions. In a lot of cases the focus is still on the terms of the audience reached, but the user involvement, if coming from the upper stage of the funnel, i.e. the awareness, becomes useful in order to achieve one’s goals only if dedicated to the user experience, by accompanying users gradually along their purchase path right until the very purchase (or the lead generation) stage!    

Therefore, understanding where every “hit” leads to and how much it can produce is of fundamental strategic importance.

This may sound predictable for some people, but for others it is definitely frustrating if accompanied by a lack of results! Otherwise you would not have landed on this webpage.

Let’s Start Taking a Look
at the ROAS!

Let’s study together the current situation of digital platforms.

Let’s depict together what I describe as the “health status” of both the social networks and websites. Let’s understand strongholds and weaknesses by starting from contents, also by taking a look at SEO (which is currently adapting to today’s needs). Let’s think about what is more important to emphasize and what is best to work on, by defining in-between steps.

The picture is never fully black or white, there are countless shades. Let’s start from here. Your Digital Marketing is probably just sleeping. We can wake it up by working together. Let’s restore your assets. Let’s give strength and authority to your voice.  

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We can do something great together. Let’s be enthusiastic about it.

I am your Digital Marketing Advisor!

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Andrea Testa
Andrea Testa

Via Delle Betulle, 20 26010 Dovera (CR)
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Via Delle Betulle, 20 26010 Dovera (CR)
VAT: 01807540495
Phone: 347.5420046

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